What Happens on a Miss Kate’s Food Tour? 

on July 5, 2019

Of all the things to do in Valdosta, Miss Kate’s Food Tour takes the cake.

As you stroll from restaurant to restaurant in historic downtown Valdosta, you will experience a variety of delicious local food and drink pairings. Your VIP experience will include meeting chefs and owners while sampling their signature dishes. As an added bonus, you’ll hear stories of days-gone-by as you pass historic buildings, sculptures, and monuments.

Each tour offers a rare glimpse into the culinary scene in downtown Valdosta. Over the course of three hours, you’ll experience an array of delicious local cuisine from four uniquely delicious establishments. We partner with the best!

If you’ve ever wandered what happens on a one of our tours, then watch to find out!

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Miss Kate's Food Tour

Thanks from Miss Kate’s Food Tours to Fourth Wall Visions for this beautiful video.

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