The Black Museum in Valdosta – A Hidden Gem

on January 5, 2018

The Black Museum in Valdosta, Georgia, is a little known hidden gem.  It was established by 79-year old Reverend Floyd Rose.  The 10.000 square feet museum celebrates the rich tapestry of black history.  “The artwork, sculptures, photos and historical objects cover the gamut of history from the days when we were kings and queens in Africa through the election of (President) Barack Obama,” Rose stated.

Rev. Rose was moved to start the museum about 8 years ago.  At that time he learned of a shooting in Valdosta that injured 11 young people and left one dead.  He stated  “I decided that I had to do something. It was obvious to me that young people, who knew their history and appreciated who they were, and where they came from, didn’t kill other young people”

During the year many individuals visit the museum.  In February for Black History Month, school children are often bused to the museum.  They explore and observe the history of African-Americans.  On a tour of the museum, the guide takes the audience along to see the discoveries, pictures, artifacts, and inventions of blacks.  They also show a 23-minute movie called “War on Our Souls.”   It tells the story of African Americans from slavery to the election of Barack Obama.

Rose has seen many changes in the community since the establishment of the museum.  The museum has had a major impact on those visit it.  “We have seen young people come away from the museum and the movie with tears in their eyes, especially those who have had problems at home and we have a diversity of white and black students who come to the Museum.”

Rose’s future goals for the black museum include making the museum a non-profit (501(c3) corporation, independent of the Church it is housed in.

The Black Museum is housed in the Serenity Church. It is located at 1619 North Lee Street and free to the public.   Call Rev. Rose at 229-444-1938 to make arrangements to visit the museum.  The museum is open by appointment only.

Black Museum in Valdosta, Georgia

The sanctuary of Serenity Church is designed in the shape of a slave ship’s hull.  It is one of only three in the United States.

(Written by La ‘Ron Moultrie, Marketing Assistant at Miss Kate’s Tours.)

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