It is presumed that men think about sex often. But what does pass through the mind of the male species when they do so?

Sex is a topic that is often discussed between friends, Cairns escorts and in the media. However, many things aren’t talked about or even thought about by those who aren’t directly involved in a sex act. 

Here’s what men think when they’re not busy thinking about how great they are at it:

Sexual Desire Is Vital To Men 

Sex is a way to bond. They want to be desired and their sex partner to want them. 

Men are often insecure about their sexual performance and may not understand why women don’t enjoy their sex life as much as they do. Men also want their partners to enjoy sex as much as they do, if not more so. 

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What Men Think About Porn

Men watch porn and don’t understand why some women don’t enjoy it as much as they do.

Porn is a way of exploring sexual fantasies and preferences, so men can learn what they like in bed. Watching pornography turns them on, and some guys want to try out what they view. 

But some women enjoy watching porn too, and many others do not. Men often find this surprising because they’ve been conditioned to believe that women aren’t interested in sex or want less than men, which isn’t true. 

So when a woman doesn’t react with equal enthusiasm to certain acts portrayed in pornography, he may feel like she’s missing out on something great or being prudish by not wanting to try everything on the menu.

Men Can Be Incredibly Insecure About Their Performance

Men are worried about their performance, though they may not say it. They want to please you, and they don’t want to disappoint you.

Men can be insecure about the size of their penis or their sexual performance. Men may also feel like they can’t satisfy their partner, which causes insecurities and anxiety around sex.

Men Want Their Partner To Be Happy With Them

Men want to please their partners, and they don’t want to disappoint them. If a man feels like he can’t do it well, or worse yet, if he thinks his partner would be better off with someone else who could do it better, let’s just say that’s not good for anyone involved.

Men want their partners to feel happy with them in bed, not only because it makes them feel good about themselves but because sex is all about connecting emotionally as well as physically.

In Conclusion

These things are what men think about sex, not what they imagine like their fantasies. The most important thing for men when it comes to sex is that their partner is happy with them, and that’s not a bad thing. It just means that their partners need to be aware of how they feel about themselves in bed and try their best not only to make sure they’re satisfied but also confident in their abilities as lovers.